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Workshops of musical instruments
in Cane of Provence and Bamboo

Example of organization:

  • We first of all propose to the participants a mini-concert (10 mn) which presents
    various flutes of bamboo of the Andes that we manufacture and use in concert.
    Then we approach simultaneously the manufacture of the instruments and
    the manner of making them sound.
    Lastly, we play about it together.

Possible examples of workshops (lasted one hour, 10 participants maximum)

  • for smallest (5-7 years), manufacture of mini panpipes to two tubes,
    allowing to play a rate/rhythm with two notes Brazilian standard.

  • for largest (8-1àns), manufacture of mini panpipes to three tubes
    granted between them allowing to play of the simple melodies
    (With the moonlight), with possibility of then adding only tubes.

  • for all the ages, manufacture of a kazoo.

  • for the teenagers and the adults, manufacture of panpipes granted
    and usable to play of the music.

Other configurations are possible, do not hesitate to write to us
for any information concerning the types of workshops or the fare.

  • the ideal is to install the workshop in a roselaie or a bamboo plantation, and to go to gather oneself its cane to make a musical instrument of it. But most of the time, we bring reed in sufficient quantity, which we gather in our area. We bring also all the tools necessary and to the safety requirements.


We animated workshops of instruments in much of places, for children or adults, for example:

  • Festival Chanterelle Toulouse

  • Festival of Puy en Velay

  • Days of nature in Vallauris

  • Amicale Laïque of Briançon

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