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tfp_poch.jpg (64719 octets)

Treasure of the bottom of the pockets

Songs for children
from 3 to 10

japanese site

This CD contains 11 original, funny and tender titles:

1- The Carabistouille witch  extract wma   partition
2- Léo 
extract wma 
3- Rock'n'roll CP2 
extract wma   partition
4- Ophélie 
  extract wma   partition
5- The muggy feet   extract
wma   partition
6- Lullaby for Lila 
extract wma
7- Harquin the fox  
extract wma
8- Yul the imp 
extract wma  partition
11- I posed 
extract wma   partition

If you liked them, do not hesitate to order CD directly with the Studio Cane and Bamboo
15 Euros Including port for International.
Send to us a cheque in the name of Philippe H
élard (see the page of addresses), we will send to you the Album by return of mail out of upholstered envelope.

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